Paul John – #P1-163

Well I guess every sample starts with a story, doesn’t it?

Some of you may or may not know that I am a) new to blogging and expressing my thoughts on whisky and b) that although I have been enjoying the delights of whisky for many years, that I am new to exploring what is out there. And it is good!

I first tried the Paul John whiskies in York and I was instantly hooked. This particular bottle the #P1-163 was something I purchased my mistake. The mistake being I was supposed to have bought the #P1-164. So now I have both. That makes it a happy mistake.

From the box…”Paul John single cask is a fine debut impression of young yet matured brilliance. Indian malted barley, double-distilled in traditional copper pot stills , aged in bourbon casks freshly emptied in Kentucky.

A surprise that will illuminate your fine senses. It’s the tropical magic of Goa that will wafts as a celebration of paradise”. This is 57% abv.

The colour is a lovely rich amber.

The nose: fragrant… spice, orange and lemon, honey and a hint of mint. Maybe some vanilla and a mere touch of tobacco, it is sweet and draws you in. I’ve let this open for a while.

The palate.. well now it almost comes as a surprise as the nose was offering you such delicate hints of what was ahead. This is warm and the spices just coat your mouth with the sweetness of honey and the spiciness of cinnamon and pepper and again the gentle vanilla with a slight woodiness. But it just fills your mouth.

The finish is deliciously warm and long and satisfying.

Hope you’re happy I got my notes out soon-ish 🙂

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