Worldwide Whiskies – The Dram Team

Last night saw a welcome return to The Dram Team twitter tastings. It was definitely a case of “don’t forget your passport” as we embarked on a whistle stop tour while enjoying “Worldwide Whiskies”.

I was sat listening to “Around the World” by Daft Punk as the stewardess told us to put our devices into flight mode.

The flight was fully booked with some familiar passengers as well as our trusty Captain Chris Borrow. So tray tables up and belts fastened we headed for our first destination…to the land down under, Australia.

The first dram was from Starward Whisky. This is a New World Malt Whisky – 43%

The nose was lovely fresh honey and gently spiced & deliciously fragrant. Banana, apples and cream coming through also.

Now the palate – caramel, lovely sweetness, marzipan, quite peppery. The caramel was quite delicious. The finish was quite dry and slightly woody.

We then took flight off to Ireland where Teeling Distillery in Dublin were waiting for us with a small batch Irish Blended Whisky – 46%

The nose offered lots of vanilla and light spices. Quite a creamy nose. Fruity and a drizzle of custard. A smooth mouthfeel. Some spice and a little bitter. Getting some wood. Nice sweetness but not overly so. It finishes as the wood lingers, quite spicy and a tad dry.

Our next destination saw us flying to England (“whoop whoop go England” were my exact words) and we were bound for Norfolk and The English Whisky Co. invited us to try The Norfolk Farmers, Single Grain Whisky – 45%

This was quite a full nose (?) Demerara sugar. Pencil shavings for sure. Muesli and fruit compote. Reminded me of my breakfast in Bristol last month. The palate was quite dry with some cherry & spices. The finish was a little dry too.

Long haul flight to the USA. We were welcomed at F.E.W Spirits with an American Rye Whisky – 46.5%

I’m a hit or a miss with rye. So let’s see…

Nose is spicy and a touch of fresh wood. A sticky light fruitiness. Some chocolate. Initially the nose just didn’t appeal. I kept nosing it and swirling it in my glass but the palate told me what I imagined – it just didn’t sit well with me, there was quite a lot of spice. It’s a pity but I’m sure the other passengers had some different experiences.

Now we were heading off to Sweden. Our Captain told us as we flew at 28,000ft that we would soon be starting our descent. This trip saw us heading for Mackmyra to sample their Svensk Rök a Swedish Single Malt Whisky – 46.1%

The nose offered sweet smoke and hmmm fudge? Gently spiced and fragrant. The palate was quite woody (oaky) peppery too. The smoke from the nose is still there.

The last leg of our journey and we were off to India for a Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky at Dave Worthington’s house. This was a 6 year old whisky – 52.9% and this was also the teaser dram. Namely the sixth dram.

The nose offered a delicious light smokiness…Tudor Smoky Bacon crisps “I’d climb a mountain” and all that… still sweet too. A peppery finish and possibly a larger sample would have been better, but that’s the tease of the sixth dram.

And with that we all decided it was time to collect our duty free and head home. A jovial night with lots of banter and interaction with fellow passengers old and new.

Thanks as ever to Captain Chris and The Dram Team.

If you haven’t tried one of these monthly boxes, then please do try. I’ve had some wonderful whisky moments because of them 🙂

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