A Few Samples to Try…

A kind Tweeter (one of a few) offered to send me some samples, so last night (well 7th May to be precise) I decided that it was time to explore them. Well if someone offers you something to try, you say “yes please!”


Springbank 25 year old 2017 release 46%

A lovely fruity nose. Soft sugars. Galia melon and orange.

Very smooth and a hint of oak and spice. Sweet with the orange peel. Honey and a little pepper.

Medium length finish with some black pepper.

Tomintoul 15 year old Portwood finish 46%

Rich and full a delicious Sherry sweetness influence. sweet goodness. Custard and berries.

Full on the mouth and some white pepper and an oak dryness. Fruit and sticky rich cake with lots of sweetness.

Lovely finish.

Springbank 12 year old Cask Strength 54.2%

Light smokiness. Leather and old tobacco tins. Prickly heat just sitting there. And pine. And dark sugar.

Smoke and pepper on the tongue. A certain savoury note to it. Fruit which is quite chewy and vanilla. Maybe dates. Leather again. Although when would I chew leather? (No comment.)

Warm finish. The spice remains. Quite a long finish.

Hazelburn 9 year old Barolo finish 57.9%

Another new one for me but an old bottle. This was distilled in 2007 and bottled in 2016.

Now, I’ve had a couple of bottles of Barolo wine and never got on with them. So here goes…

Sweets and childhood sweets at that. Vanilla and a little sherbet.

Spice at the start and very warming with treacle and some rich fruits. Black pepper nips.

Nice finish with chocolate and vanilla coming through. Some lovely fruit too.

Blackadder Raw Cask English Norfolk Whisky Moscatel Cask #794 dist. Oct 07 bottled May ’15 63.2%

Quite a beast… You can tell it’s a cask strength, fruity and some Bendicks white chocolate. Fresh slightly floral with vanilla.

Woah that cask strength is noticeable but with a chocolate sweetness yet a dash of pepper and quite punchy.

Long warming spicy-ish finish.

So with that, I say thanks for the samples and hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on them.


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