Inside the Bottle: Dreams and Wishes

You know that feeling you get when you stumble across a bottle you’ve been wanting for a long time? Maybe it’s one that you have had before and maybe it is one that you have heard is so good, you just have to have one… the whole “ooh” of it. The “er, should I / shouldn’t I” (ooh heck) “sod it” type moment?

Yep. You know what I mean, then you a) check your bank account in eager hope that there’s a little more in there than you thought vs. b) just do it… Just do it.

Maybe you’ve just been damned lucky to discover it, it being slightly obscured from view. Or perhaps it was on’t t’internet? And it was there just saying “go on, buy me” or “bid for me”. So we do / did. Or you do / did. You take the chance!

Then the excitement kicks in as the waiting starts.. and the “I hope it’s not Hermes* delivering it” dilemma (have you ever tried to locate one of their deliveries??) as you know the likelihood of getting it on said day would be a miracle. Will it be as good as we have imagined it in our mind..?

We wait.

We will worry about that item until it is safe in our hands.

We then check the package. Sign for it. Carefully open it up. Personally, I relish the moment of having it there in front of me, marvelling at what is in my hands. And I enjoy that moment. You might even cherish it. I know I do.

I have had a few of these moments this year, and I know why, and they make me smile…

This is where I digress… I was writing the about the above and it got me thinking…

I might come across as a “to hell with it” sort of person. And yes I have my spontaneous moments when I just decided to take myself away from it all. A day to think, or be. The odd day to smile, or just be. You get the idea… However, I also have times where I really know what I want / need / dream of / crave / desire / must do / would be good for me…and can I do what I must to set the wheels in motion? Can I put one foot in front of the other and get on with it? Can I heckers!!

I can hum and hey over decisions for years…

I think spontaneity needs to become my guide (more often.) The little part inside me that says just do it. Just try.

Well I seem to accomplish this with some things… ((a bit like iheartwhisky fudge (once I’ve had the “ooh heck, sod it” thought.))

Maybe I just need to try a little harder?

All I know is this…

                                            dreams can come true, and

                                                                                                    wishes can come true….

*insert other couriers as applicable

3 thoughts on “Inside the Bottle: Dreams and Wishes

  1. I is so human to waver in our decisions. There are few of us, who make snap decisions, but for the rest of us, it could be painful. One thing i know, if we want something, really want it, it will happen. I know that from my own experience. Make it happen Sarah. All the best in the mean time.:)

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