The Last Day of the Year

Well here it is, the last day of the year. What a year… And I’ve got to say, it’s been a good ‘un. It’s been a whisky fuelled one, and I’m not talking consumption… though a few drops might have passed my lips…

From my first trip away in January (to York), right through to a busy December, it’s been a smile inducing year.

I’ve met lots of new people and I’ve had the opportunity to laugh with them. I’ve bitten the bullet at times, and I’ve conquered a bit of my shyness…(I’m sure we all have ooh heck moments in certain situations.)

Just gotta remember we all have that one passion…whisky.

Whether you are fortunate enough to work in the industry or are just a humble bystander (like me), the common denominator is whisky.

I think what I’m saying is “embrace the moments that make you shine & smile…” speak about your passion in whatever way feels right for you. Speak honestly and openly. Not all will agree, but someone somewhere will. We are all different, but in some situations the words just hit home…

Just be kind. Be down to earth. Be honest and open.

And feel free to buy some whisky fudge 😊🥃😋😘

And on that note…I’ll hush up.

Just a few thanks to the following for making 2017 a memorable year:

Dave W, Tom T, Jon, Adrian, Steve P, Steve R, Graham & Faye. The lovely Amanda and Eddie (TWL), and the hardworking Whisky Lounge posse (you know who you all are.) Jeanine, Jo, George K and Geordie. Billy Abbot, Colin Dunn (Colin; I hope we can catch up next year) and David Sinclair. Wim and Femke for reminding me of the Motherland (it’s a Dutch thang.) Sorren (ocdwhisky), Abbie & Chris (Cooper King.) Andy & Stu (TIMD.) Rob B. Percy. Oh and Elton too. Nichola & John. Martin and Anna. David & Wendy (WT.)

And new friends across the world too. Thank you.

And that’s a wrap… have a nice little something tonight, because there’s a New Year coming and it’s going to be a good one.


Sarah x x

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