A Trip to Speyside

Sunday saw me taking a trip to Speyside…well it’s the right thing to do when it’s on your doorstep surely?

It really was a gorgeous sunny day and I doubt I’ll ever tire of the stunning views that greet you, as well as on the drive there.

It was supposed to be a quick bite of lunch, however if you have the chance to visit the visitor centres too, then this is also a must…

So, the first stop was Glenfiddich (going back always makes me smile…) and they probably have the best ladies toilets…that Noble Isle whisky & water hand-soap is simply amazing too. I just love that fragrance.

Lunch was delicious, Cullen Skink (yet I like it more than it likes me (it’s a dairy thing)) however it was lovely. I’d toyed with a dram, but lunch appeared to be a hurried event.

I then went to browse around the visitor centre, glassware, frames, scarves and most importantly whisky. After having a little nose of the bottle your own Glenfiddich 15 year old, I decided to buy one. I always love the experience of being able to do something a little different…a little more special. These are the moments I recall…

So whisky safely stashed in the car it was time for a trip to Aberlour.

I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed and will say I was a little lost for words when I found out I was unable to purchase the bottles I had gone there to buy…and I really do hope they have a change of heart. To me, the opportunity of buying a distillery own bottling is a pleasure…a treat, something special. But I do still love Aberlour as I left with a bottle of the A’bunadh Batch 60 (after having been offered a little taste.)

I must send them a box of Aberlour A’bunadh fudge… well without them it wouldn’t be possible.

Five minutes later saw a drive by visit to Glenfarclas, another favourite of mine. I’ll go back soon (when it’s open.)

Then it was time for home…but first a pit stop at the Malt Barn at Glenfiddich for coffee (and a dram for me…)

I opted for The Balvenie Single Cask 15 year old which was a tad sharp on the nose, but a lovely palate. I’d perused the whisky menu over lunch, and I’d said there were a few I’d really want to try, but I think they’d need to leave me the keys and see me in the morning… Real fire, sofa, whisky…and time. Perfect.

Well I can dream.

I popped into a shop on the way home, looking for something entirely different but left with a bottle of Glen Moray Chardonnay Cask finish.

Then it was time for home, bottles and a couple of new glasses in tow.

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