Cognac Tasting with Marussia UK and The Whisky Wire

Cognac Twitter Tasting

Wednesday 25th April saw me dipping my toes or more likely coating my tongue in cognac…Yes I was a cognac virgin.

We were about to sample cognac from Maxim Trijol, Réviseur and Leyrat:

“The first Maxime Trijol still was installed in Saint-Martial-sur-Né in the Cognac heartland in 1859.

Today, the house boasts twenty-two 2,500-litre stills. Maxime Trijol is different in that the brand cultivates its own vines, as well as distilling and ageing Cognac.

In this way, Maxime Trijol oversees all the steps in the cognac production process: growing the grapes, distillation, ageing and bottling”…

Réviseur & Leyrat:


“Cognac Réviseur embodies the attributes that have made the Petite Champagne cru that it comes from famous: intensity, full body and aromatic richness.

The Réviseur estate spreads over more than 90 hectares in the heart of Petite Champagne.

The east-west position of its vineyards is particularly favourable for producing very aromatic wines. The distillation in very small stills (1600 litres) and its ageing in dry cellars gives powerful Cognacs that reflect the true potential of this terroir recognised for its concentration of aromas”.

“I chose the Domaine at Chez Maillard for the exceptional terroir over the 90 hectares of vines. Situated on top of the limestone hill with lots of sunshine, this reputed vineyard in the Fins Bois gives fine and elegant eaux-de-vie with astonishing quality.

Recognised by the greatest restaurants around the world, LEYRAT Cognac is the gastronomic flagship in my group. Cognac LEYRAT has a long history of international recognition, winning awards internationally. It is a Cognac for the great connoisseur”.

Réviseur nose was fruity and fresh, at the start an almost grassy freshness and some nice spice prickling at your senses.

Réviseur palate…hmm vanilla and a lovely warmth from the spices & some fruity notes. Thin mouthfeel but a full flavour.

Maxime Trijol VSOP nose gives a soft and floral scent and delicately so, a little peach. Lovely sugar sweetness. Maybe a hint of caramel…

Maxime Trijol XO nose: nail varnish initially (and I’m not painting mine black at the moment) a wee bit of muscovado sugar perhaps. A feint hint of vanilla.

Maxime Trijol (kisses and hugs my friends) grande champagne cognac, I getting a lovely woody note now I’ve left it to open. Something quite appealing that I can’t quite put my finger on… the palte? ooh a little rich, lovely but thin mouthfeel. Rich fruit flavours and a little creaminess to it too. Maybe getting some nice woody notes too accompanied by a nice warmth on the palate, not overly fruity. A nice bitter sweetness (but reminds me of tea when the bags been left in too long.

Leyrat XO Elite Cognac the nose was sweet and salty (fleetingly) and some woody notes again.

The palate, oof big full mouthfeel fruity and rich. A little too bitter perhaps and a salty aftertaste.

I’ll definitely have another dabble in cognac. The Maxime Trijol VSOP and XO intrigue me. The Leyrat didn’t quite suit my palate however. Just need to remember I am sampling something other than whisky… can throw you a little at times.

Thanks for the opportunity of sampling these Steve and MarussiaUK.

Sarah x

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