Singleton Malt Master’s Selection Whisky Flash Blog!

Okay so let’s start by saying there wasn’t much information on this so… let’s do this.

Bright golden colour. Fine legs.

The nose is quite fresh and inviting. I’m getting toffee. Initially it was lightly perfumed and quite floral. Slight nuttiness. Bit of ginger and nutmeg. Fruit cake kind of aroma too.

On the palate, quite a thin mouthfeel. Pleasantly spicy. Nutty flavours and a lovely toffee too. A little creamy, a hint of sweet vanilla.

The finish was quite short and a little drying but the sweetness and spice remain.

If I have to hazard a guess at the strength I’d go for 40%…. time will tell. It’s definitely a sweet whisky and an easy one to spend some time with if it suits your palate.

Many thanks to Diageo and Steve for the sample and the opportunity.


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