Stoke Whisky Festival 2018

Stoke Whisky Festival

Saturday 23rd June saw me making a break for the border… I was off home, or should I say I was off to England. Kind of the same thing really.

Why was I heading there?

This was for the Stoke Whisky Festival.

This is run by Neil Rowley and Chris Knight, from their website “we wanted a way to give fellow enthusiasts, and new comers alike, the chance to taste new whiskies from a wide range of distillers from around the world, along with some fantastic offerings from independent bottlers.”

Stoke-on-Trent is the home of Royal Doulton, Spode and Wedgewood, it reminded me of a John Lewis Wedding Gift List… ha ha. The venue was right next to the Spode China Hall (complete with a rose garden) which was to the left of the building.

I had the pleasure of meeting them earlier in the year at Stourbridge Whisky Festival, and so it was a lovely opportunity to attend another one which was new to me…that they run.

The event was being held in the King’s Hall, Stoke Town Hall.

What a lovely sunny morning, and with my whisky fudge packed it was time to head out and see what the day would bring!!

Upon my arrival I quickly set up my table which had some lovely neighbours… Claxton’s. I’ve had some truly wonderful neighbours so far this year, and it always makes these days all the more pleasurable.

Then a quick walk round to see some lovely friendly faces… Colin Dunn, Mr. OCD Whisky, Sorren and Sir David of Boutique-y-shire – aka Dave.

After a quick coffee and charming breakfast company it was time for the festival to start.

I have to say, what a lovely well set out gathering… Everyone seemed good natured, with a happy atmosphere, talkative attendees and real relaxed feel about it.

Having flown down I didn’t bring too many boxes, but what I did have literally flew out the door! This is a good sign. The samples I had were savoured and enjoyed, and the samples which Colin Dunn had been kind enough to offer to hand out, well they had people coming over to buy too… believe it or not even some who “hated” fudge bought some and I even had the offer of “my house is 15 minutes away, get yourself round there and make some more fudge” ha ha ha.

I had sold out by 2:15pm. So this tells me that in 2019 it will be me and the smoggymobile on a road trip…with my boot full of treats…

It was then time for me to sample some of the delights of the festival, and a big thanks to the “hand of Colin”… I must have been away in a daydream when I saw this hand from across the room encouraging me back to reality ha ha!

It was lovely to meet Whisky Daddy @jotterface, Steven @rumdiariesblog, and Mark from @BlackCountryWS who not only bought fudge but stayed to chat. If I missed mentioning you, I apologise.

All too quickly it was time I bid my beloved England a “see you soon” with a hug and a smile…

I went back to my hotel and gave myself a hug and a smile in a glass… Sarah x x

Massive thanks to Neil and Chris for the invite down… See you next year 🙂

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