Grant’s Whisky

Grant’s Whisky Tweet Tasting

Grant’s Whisky was an unknown to me, that was until last night when a group of fellow whisky friends and I joined Danny Dyer from William Grant & Sons.

“Five generations of Grants have stood together through thick and thin to hold the title of Scotland’s oldest continuously family-run, blended whisky makers. But we couldn’t have done it without a little help along the way.

We were about to have the opportunity to sample three blends.

The Whiskies

Triple Wood – Virgin Oak cask – spicy robustness, American Oak – subtle vanilla smoothness,  Bourbon refill offers brown sugar sweetness.*

Rum Cask Finish – Matured in Oak casks then further matured in Caribbean rum casks for a smooth, rich and sweet taste.*

Triple Wood Smoky – Master Blender, Brian Kinsman, chooses grain and malt whiskies matured in three distinct woods, similar to our Triple Wood blend. For this expression he ups the addition of peated whiskies for a smooth and fruity taste with subtle smokiness.*

Triple Wood

On the nose, very light fragrance, sugary, a little light vanilla, a little oak coming through, touch of spice. The palate gave me caramel and a lot of sweetness (slightly saccharine) sitting against a bitter oaky flavour.

Rum Cask Finish

On the nose there was a slightly nutty, lots of sugar. A little caramel again. Something quite fresh on the nose too. Then a little hint of cherry… and light vanilla I quite enjoyed the nose on this. On the palate, a lot of vanilla and sticky cooked pineapple. Some bitter dark chocolate, a dryness again on the palate. A touch of cherry.

Triple Wood Smoky

A light smoky scent on the senses, accompanied by brown sugar, spice and quite perfumed. Maybe a touch of leather…and gently so. On the palate, caramel, vanilla, lovely sweetness with a chilli kiss… smoky warmth. Not at all overpowering. Which was lovely!!

I can’t quite say why I haven’t tried Grant’s Whisky before, but I have now. My favourite of the evening would be the Rum Cask Finish, a nice light and easy to enjoy dram. this would be followed by the Triple Wood Smoky as I found the Triple Wood just a tad too sweet…

Thanks to Grant’s for the samples, Steve for the tasting and Danny for hosting the tasting…just a pity the rest of the whisky crowd didn’t have their samples. They were missed.

*From Grant’s Whisky

2 thoughts on “Grant’s Whisky

  1. I thought that Danny Dyer (not that one) was a really good sport on the night too. He answered a lot of questions from everyone. Would agree that the rum cask finish edged it for me!


    • He was an it’s always nice to have that interaction with the companies as well as Steve and the other bloggers too. I think that’s what makes these tastings so good.


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