With a Rebel Yell She Cried More, More, More!!

…in the midnight hour, babe, more, more, more…!!

On Monday 24th September we were gathered albeit it not together for a tweet tasting to sample Rebel Yell American Whiskey, and to say the samples were generous would be putting it lightly!

The first dram of evening was the Kentucky Straight Bourbon 40% ABV… on the nose sweet but spicy. Honey and quite fresh. On the palate oodles of fruit, some cherries and a lovely warmth as you swallow…always a nice feeling!!

This was followed by the small Batch Reserve 45.3% ABV  lovely caramel and quite a freshness on the nose again. I did think that I really should have opened these a lot earlier than I did.  This had quite a lovely fullness on the mouth. Bitter oakiness and a slight cherry tunes taste (yes that again.) Peppery warmth.


Last dram of the evening was the Small Batch Rye 45% ABV.

On the nose a little banana initially. Plenty of spice. A teeny bit of vanilla. Caramel. Burnt sugar. And on the palate? ooh… definitely a good pinch of spice. Some lovely bitter flavours. Chewing on a HB (pencil.) Thick cherry chews.

I thoroughly enjoyed sampling these! I really liked the Small Batch Rye and the Reserve. And as for the samples…AMAZING!! Huge amount of thanks as always to Steve and Rebel Yell UK for the opportunity to take part.

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