MacNair’s Lum Reek

Lum Reek

Wednesday 12th February saw a group of tweeters etc., gather round a virtual table for another tweet tasting with Steve Rush @thewhiskywire and this time it was to sample some whisky from MacNair’s, notably the Lum Reek malts.

The drams we would be trying were:

Lum Reek – 46% abv

12 year old Lum Reek – 46% abv

Lum Reek 21 year old – 48% abv


One autumn evening in the 1860s, after a day’s fishing, our man was quaffing a dram in the old stone bothy near GlenAllachie. Due to a blocked chimney (or lum) the room filled with smoke. It had “a marvellous effect on the whisky in my glass,” confided McNair later to his merchant cronies. “Indeed, perfection!” Ne’er a truer word was spoken.

We started with the NAS Lum Reek “Peated”. Some malty notes and not overly smoky on the nose. Initially picked up some hints of apples and hint of orange. Its palate had a warming mouthfeel. The taste was smooth and a little spicy, accompanied by hints of sweetness and still tasting a little orange.

We then moved onto the 12 year old, again this is bottled at 46% abv. Again, not overly smoky on the nose, wisps of caramel and light sweetness coming through. Maybe a slight citrusy note. A gentle nip on the senses. And the palate? It was slightly nutty on the first sip (Uncle Toms) alongside a slightly citrusy kick that makes my palate water a little. Drying smoke.

The last dram of the evening was the 21 year old, which is bottle at 48% abv.  There was a fresher hint on/to this. Something was appealing to me. There’s some sweetness to it and a hint of smoke again. Dark chocolate? The palate delivered a delicious warmth and a lovely bitterness (mocha-ish.) slight woody notes. Spice just warms the palate and the finish is warming too. Sadly it was gone all too soon, I would like to have revisited this one later.

I have to say I preferred the older of the drams this evening, the Lum Reek might just be perfect for my whisky fudge. I would have liked another dram of the 21 year old, will just have to wait and see.

Thanks as always to Steve and also GlenAllachie for this opportunity.

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