Honey Bee Mine

Wemyss Malt Tweet Tasting

A couple of weeks ago saw us taking part in a tweet tasting with Steve (thewhiskywire) and Wemyss Malts. Were we in for a treat? I think so…

The line up for this evening was:

The Hive Cask Strength 55.5%

Spice King 58.0%

Peat Chimney 57.0%

Caol Ila 1983 46%

The Tasting

So first up was The Hive nose delivered lovely spice and sweetness, gentle malty / cereal notes on my first sniff. Lightly floral with orange too. Lovely hints of vanilla. On the palate, lovely smooth palate, sweet and a delicious hint of spices. Gentle vanilla and fruit on the palate with a drop of honey (bee mine.)

We then moved onto the Spice King, a light smokiness on the senses like after you’ve been round a bonfire…at the start, and there’s some sweetness too. Quite a soft nose if that makes sense? Again lovely spices mingling with fruit. A hint of smoke on the palate, sweet with a delicious warmth as you swallow. Slightly drying but smooth…

Then we tried the Peat Chimney. A reeky lum springs to mind… a fair amount of citrusy notes. Lightly floral. Nice spices nipping at your senses again. Fairly fresh.

What does the palate deliver?

It was smooth with a kick, pleasure and pain… sweet and savoury. Spices just teasing the palate. Definitely a citrusy taste. Warming on the palate. Black tea, or bitter chocolate.

The last dram of the evening was the 1983 Caol Ila on the nose there was an outdoorsy freshness to this. Kind of getting a hint of old papers. A little dust and some rich fruits. Smoke drifts in but isn’t overpowering.

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