Great Drams Tasting – It’s Dram Time

It’s Dram Time with Great Drams

On Tuesday evening (25th June) we (nearly all of us..) had the opportunity to try a couple of new releases from The Whisky Works after an invite from Greg Great Drams

The Glaswegian – 29 Year Old Single Grain Whisky 54.2% vol.

The first of these releases was The Glaswegian a 29 year old single grain whisky, this was 54.2% vol. This had quite a soft nose on this. Buttery notes and some light spice. A brief hint of acetone initially… for me it was taking a while to reveal itself!!

The grain palate, I definitely getting some bitter notes on the palate with some oak too. Spice and some sweetness too of course…there’s a softness / creaminess to it. Love the strength… think I’m pitting this against an old favourite of mine! For those that know me, you know the one!!

King of Trees 10 Year Old Highland Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 45.6% vol.

The nose delivered fresh light and fruity, apples, sugary notes a little bit of some gentle spices too.

In the mouth there was quite a thin mouthfeel, but woody flavours with sugars and spice. Quite peppery, but still there’s a sweetness there.

For me probably the grain spoke to me more, I will definitely sit with it again. Thanks for the opportunity to sample these Greg and the Whisky Works.


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