JJ Corry Whiskey: Blind Tasting

J.J. Corry Tweet Tasting

Wednesday 17th April saw an eager group of whisk(e)y drinkers join together for an evening of exploration and some guess work while we tried some samples from JJ Corry Whiskey – Chapel Gate Whiskey

This was going to be a blind tasting, the bottles simply marked one, two and three.

I had actually had my first try of the Gael in February 2018 and really was taken in by it. So this was going to be a fantastic tasting…

So first up was number one.

Now firstly, this was the one that going back to a second time seems young on the nose, little spice and very light wisps of vanilla. Spirity. The palate was fruity and a nice hint of vanilla and pepper, a little drying on the palate. Slightly waxy.

The second, quite floral and fruity. Sweet and sugary. A little spice just coming through. Juicy. On the palate it was lovely and fruity at the start. And a little spicy warmth on the tongue, a little wood too…

Last up was the third dram, hmm there’s a freshness to it, a bit of apple and some nice spice with a little vanilla.. quite a smooth mouthfeel but pleasantly rounded. Maybe a hint of biscuit or something. Not overly sweet but maybe just a little sugar.

The Reveal

No.1: JJ Corry Almost 3 Year Old Grain – 61.5% abv – Cask Sample. Matured in an Old Forester bourbon barrel.

No. 2: The Gael – 46% abv – Blended Irish Whiskey. Matured in a combination of sherry and first/second fill bourbon casks containing 11, 15, 25 year old malts and 7 year old grain.

No. 3: Flintlock – 46% abv – 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey. Matured in first and second fill ex-bourbon barrels.

Many thanks to Steve and JJ Corry Whiskey for this opportunity.


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