Tasted on the Fourth of July: Twitter Tasting

The fourth of July saw a group of us gather around our respective Glencairns (other glasses also available..) across the country in order to sample some fine whisk(e)y on the 4th July! These particular treats came from That Boutique-y Whisky Company, Balcones Whisky, Few Spirits and NY Distilling.

The line up for this evening was:

Balcones Whisky – Baby Blue (Texas Corn Whisky) – 46% ABV

On the nose, a lovely sweetness and vanilla. A little spice and caramel…the palate delivered caramel and vanilla and some lovely warming spices on a cold evening (it was cold that evening.) I’m sure I headed for the Baby Blue at a whisky festival in Manchester, I’d tried it before and wanted more.

Few Spirits – Bourbon – 46.5% ABV

Caramel, spice and something else, maybe a little vanilla. Taking a sip, ooh spicy… caramel is a little burnt, quite sweet too.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company – James E Pepper 3 year old Oloroso Cask Finish – 50% ABV

The palate had a lot of warmth with the first sip, quite like a warming cough sweetie (if you get my drift?) there’s a bitterness to this too, some dark chocolate. But it’s sweet and caramelly too.

New York Distilling Company – Ragtime Rye – 45.2% ABV

Rich fruity red berries.. a lovely warmth from spices, woody flavours on the palate too. Quite a warmth on the finish, burnt sugar and a slight dryness

That Boutique-y Whisky Company – Bourbon Whiskey No.1, 24 year old – Batch 1 48% ABV

On the evening this really wasn’t ‘talking to me’… “no real sweetness on the nose… but there’s some vanilla, a slight scent of ground coffee but not freshly ground.” Not sure if this was situational?

I sat with this again last night, getting coffee on the senses, a little black cherry, some spice, this with dark sugar and lovely vanilla. Dark chocolate (or the sticky gloop in the bottom of a cup after having a mocha) too.

On the palate, rich full mouthfeel. Slight hint of tannins, morello cherries and jammy berries. Woody flavours and a delicious warmth. Lovely vanilla remains on the palate.

Thanks to Steve for the opportunity to be part of this tasting.


Available to buy from Master of Malt: Master of Malt


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