Fettercairn Distillery Visit

Fettercairn Distillery

So many people have a tendency to knock Prime Ministers, however we have to be grateful to William Gladstone who in 1829 abolished taxes on malt and the Angel’s share and who also introduced the sales of whisky in glass bottles for the first time, though I think there are some of us who would love to be able to buy it by the cask too…!!

The distillery has been in operation since 1824 when landowner Sir Alexander Ramsay first applied for a licence, using illegal whisky makers who had the knowledge and skills he needed to produce whisky.

The distillery is in the village of Fettercairn Aberdeenshire. A lovely setting, especially when the sun makes an appearance.

The Tour

Claire took the group for the tour of the distillery which is currently in its silent season. There was a couple who were on their first ever distillery tour and what a lovely one to start with! As well as learning about the history of the distillery I was looking forward to seeing the still with the cooling ring, this allows the the increases condensation as the copper cools and this results with only the lighter vapours rising which gives Fettercairn whisky its unique character. We were told that a miniature version of this has been made. Very cool!

The distilleries logo includes the Scotland’s national animal, which is the unicorn and the copper around the outside represents the copper cooling ring.


The tour finishes in the warehouse and as always it is a treat to be there, the aromas of the maturing whisky teasing your senses…


If you ever find yourself in the area then I would definitely encourage you to make a detour and visit them. I am glad I took a trip down especially after sampling their whiskies last year on a tasting with The Whisky Wire: Fettercairn Distillery

10 thoughts on “Fettercairn Distillery Visit

  1. Great blog, very interesting -really enjoy the historical information! I could do with some photography lessons from you as well, really good shots, particularly the Unicorn barrels!

    I grew up in Aberdeen, but ashamed to say I’ve never been – will need to change that soon!

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    • Thank you, ah the photos are just point and press, but I try to make them look interesting. It just be working! It’s surprisingly close to Aberdeen, so I hope you get the chance to visit soon.


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