Bimber Distillery Tweet Tasting

Bimber Distillery Tweet Tasting

I opened the parcel from Bimber Distillery and my first thought was wow! What an absolutely lovely package…!!

The distillery is located in London, from their website Bimber Distillery

The Story

The seeds were sown for Bimber three generations ago in communist-era Poland, where Darius, our founder and master distiller’s grandfather, distilled his own spirits, known as moonshine. This craft was carefully perfected and passed through the generations to Darius who learnt the art of distillation from a very young age.

This rich distilling heritage has shaped and influenced our approach to spirit making. We are proud of our past and pay tribute to it with our name Bimber, which means moonshine in Polish.

The founders of Bimber, Darius and Ewelina, emigrated from Poland to London in 2003 and created a successful business in West London. However, Darius’s passion for whisky and distilling were always at the forefront of his mind, and when the opportunity arose to establish a whisky distillery in 2015, he knew he had to go for it.

Bimber’s first casks were laid on the 26th May 2016, and we have been patiently awaiting our first whisky since. In September 2019, the next chapter of our exciting story begins. We are launching one of the first single-malt whiskies to be produced in London for over a century. Bimber London Single Malt is going to be a new style of highly drinkable whisky, light, accessible, fruity and handcrafted with passion.

Having now tried this, their passion is very evident…


The Bimber Distillery Whiskies

The line up for the evening was as follows:

New Make – 60% vol

Ex-Bourbon Cask, 3 years old – 51.2% vol

Ex-Sherry Cask, 3 years old – 51.9% vol

Recharred Cask, 3 years old – 51.9% vol

Virgin Oak, 3 years old – 53.1% vol

New Make Peated – 60% vol

The Tasting

New Make – 60% vol

The nose is fresh, light.. fruity, creamy and sweet. I have to add I love trying new make spirit! woah! quite a mouthful… fruity with a lovely warmth to it. It’s creamy with a little hint of pastry.

Ex-Bourbon Cask, 3 years old – 51.2% vol

This had a sweet and inviting nose, delicate hints of vanilla… a drizzle of caramel, it’s a little fruity.

The palate, ooh… a little hint of stewed apple initially and a sprinkle of cinnamon, spice and a little wood on the palate too.

Ex-Sherry Cask, 3 years old – 51.9% vol

Hmm… hello! A lovely richness on the nose, just starting to draw you in, anyone for a slice of rich moist fruitcake? A little chocolate, and lovely spices. A smidge of burnt sugar. It’s hard to believe this is 3 years old. What will it end up like?

The palate is lovely, there is a nice woody spice. Dark sugar and a bit of leather. Definitely tasting the fruit cake that the nose hinted at… yum!

Recharred Cask, 3 years old – 51.9% vol

Oh this is fruity and sweet, but not an artificial sweetness, creamy vanilla and a little spice. loving the strength of these samples… in case I forgot to say and the palate delivers spice and fruit. A lovely warmth to this with woody flavours on the palate.

To digress a moment…my comments on the spicy or woody flavours / aromas probably come from working in a perfumery department for a couple of years. For example Chanel Antaeus “A powerful yet subtle leather-aromatic fragrance. The striking alchemy of fresh, aromatic lavender and a rare and complex leather accord, heightened with wood and spices. Its spirited, exotic trail is enriched with notes of Cistus Labdanum, Clary Sage and Indonesian Patchouli.” 

Virgin Oak, 3 years old – 53.1% vol

Spice and vanilla and woody notes. Not sure if it’s chocolate too, little hints of it… On the palate, lovely oak flavours. Warming spice, some sweetness to it.. a little caramel too!

New Make Peated – 60% vol

The nose delivers a little smokiness… the sort of scent on your cardi after sitting by bonfire. It’s still light and has a graceful floral sweetness to it. It is a little drying on the palate, a hint of pepper, quite viscous. Peat isn’t overpowering…

If you would like to try these, they have the sets available for £38 from Bimber Distillery

 Bimber Distillery Sample Gift Set

This was a really interesting tasting, from the standpoint of trying both the new make and the maturing whiskies at 3 years old. Huge thanks to Steve and Bimber Distillery for this opportunity. I know where I want to visit now…



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  1. Wonderful review and I am going to have a look at getting one of those sample packs, mu husband has been duly reminded that it is our anniversary soon!!!

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