Goslings Rum – Tweet Tasting

Goslings Rum Tweet Tasting

Wednesday 9th October saw me dipping my toes (so to speak) into some rum… Again, this is something quite new for me as I always start with the approach of, do I delve in as I would with a whisky?

The Rums

Black Seal Rum – 40% vol.

Gold Seal Rum – 40% vol.

Old Rum – 40% vol.

Black Seal 151 (Strength in US proof) – 75.5% vol.

Black Seal Rum

The nose had lots of dark sugar, hints of vanilla and something herbal about this… it actually reminded me of a Dutch cake… I used to buy, it was spicy and sticky.

The palate had a little warmth and spice… a well sucked Jakemans (the black one) dark sugar and a little vanilla again.

Gold Seal Rum

This was lightly fragrant… caramel sweets, maybe like Werthers. Really quite a delicate nose. Sweet and more robust than the Black Seal on the palate. Caramel and cream and vanilla…. lovely bitterness – this sort of reminded me of a proper thick advocaat (Zwarte Kip) in as much as there was sweetness and vanilla but a bitterness too!

Old Rum

A lovely rich fruitiness to this. Sticky sugar in a moist fruitcake. Lovely nose… on the palate, quite a mouthful… who’s gonna complain at that? (Not me.) Quite rich, lovely mocha bitterness, maybe dark chocolate. A delicious warmth too.

Black Seal 151 

This had lovely caramel, burnt sugar and a slight nip to it. Should have opened it sooner!! It really should have been opened longer than the 10 minutes I had given it… When a fire starts to burn… rich vanilla. Thick burnt caramel and sticky fruit. Dark chocolate bitterness… quite bold and inviting. I do like something with a good strength… sugar and spice and all things nice.

What I actually said:

Goslings rum… 151 proof.

Thing 1 – should have poured it sooner…

Thing 2 – the legs… mine are better

Thing 3 – drinking lots of rum… (and this meant I had a good sleep last night)


Many thanks to Steve, Love Drinks, The Black Seal and Goslings Rum for this opportunity.





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