Milk & Honey Distillery

Milk & Honey Distillery

I had a lovely little treat arrived in the post the other week, this was a sample of the Whisky Exchange Show exclusive from Milk & Honey Distillery which is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I first tried their whisky at TWE Show in London in 2018. It was interesting to chat and explore some of their spirits… you can read about them here: Milk & Honey Distillery

This as far as I can see is a no age statement bottling, but was finished in an ex Pedro Ximenez sherry butt – 55% abv.

The nose is fruity – it reminded me for a moment of making a fruit cake and opening a bag of sultanas / dried fruits. There is a lovely cherry note, and gentle vanilla. This is actually the second time that I am sat with this sample…the first time I got a fleeting scent of a refresher sweetie (the chewy kinda one), so I am sat with it again while I write this. I think it is / was the sweet note that you can sense. The fruity scents sit nicely against the cinnamon that appears, along with a little chocolate. Maybe a hint of old leather too.

The palate is thick and chewy, the leathery note comes through along with cherry and the dried fruit again. Lots of woody spices and gentle vanilla…slightly dry too.

The finish is good with the dried fruit flavours remaining.

Well it was a pleasure to try this. And a chance to look put my photos and remember the other samples I tried.

Thanks go to Emily from Maverick Drinks for sending me this sample from the Milk & Honey Distillery.

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