Whyte Christmas – A Tweet Tasting

Whyte Christmas – A Tweet Tasting

I’m dreaming of a Whyte Christmas… well this was going to be a tasting of five different whiskies from Whyte & Mackay.

The Whiskies

Whyte & Mackay Light – 21.5% abv

Fettercairn 12 year old Pedro Ximénez Sherry Cask Edition – 40% abv

Jura Two-One-Two – 47.5% abv

Tamnavulin Vintage 2000 – 45% abv

Whyte & Mackay 175th Anniversary Limited Edition 50 year old – 44.6% abv

Whyte & Mackay Light – 21.5% abv

It’s really quite light on the nose too, buttery and a bit of fruit… sugary.  Hmmm very thin on the palate… and you know me, I love a good mouthful, the fruit is there and it’s still got that butteriness to it. But it’s too light and watery for me, no body. 

Perhaps the ideal whisky for mixers or an introduction to whisky, but not for me.

Fettercairn 12 year old Pedro Ximénez Sherry Cask Edition – 40% abv

Little hints of orange. There’s quite a sweet dried fruity freshness to this, a drizzle of honey…with a little chocolate and raisin on the nose too. It is fragrant…and inviting.

Hints of orange still there on the palate though, and they are more subdued than the hint on the nose. The lovely fruitiness coats the palate deliciously… spice and a little honey… quite smooth. Woody flavours coming through. Just wish this had a little more strength to it.

Jura Two-One-Two – 47.5% abv

I have been a fan of Jura since the late 90’s early noughties, so it is always a treat to try something new! From their website “The Two-One-Two Limited Edition Series celebrates our small and vibrant community of roughly 212 islanders – and one distillery. This inaugural bottling, the first in a series of annual releases, has been matured in American White Oak ex bourbon barrels, and finished in Chinkapin Oak casks.”

There’s some lovely honey… a light floral note just sitting behind that. A little orange, a little peach. Very gentle spices… on the palate, a gentle citrus note, peppery and there’s caramel and still a little honey… wood spices. Warming on the palate. I like this…

Tamnavulin Vintage 2000 – 45% abv

On the nose, it is very fresh… slightly nutty. Lightly floral. Honey? Getting some nuttiness on the palate, not overly sweet.. a little custard. Slightly drying.

Whyte & Mackay 175th Anniversary Limited Edition 50 year old – 44.6% abv

This one is not for resale, this had been released to celebrate the brand’s 175th anniversary “and bottled as a competition prize for consumers. Limited to 1,500 50cl bottles and said to be worth £5,000 each.”

I actually tweeted ‘oh the nose on this” just after I poured the sample.

When I first poured this I was thinking “mmmm…” lovely rich fruit, you can tell there’s some age to it. It reminds me of being in a warehouse… a little old leather, an old tobacco tin resting on an old book. Coffee and dark chocolate.

This 50 year old reminds me of being in a warehouse and having some of the whisky that had seeped from an old cask on my fingers and just taking in that aroma… bliss! You can’t beat that… and that was a lovely memory to go back to with this whisky in my hand.

Dark fruits greet you with lovely spice and there’s mocha bitterness and some dark chocolate again… the fruit almost makes your tastebuds water a little. Smooth.

Oh yes… I needed this and what a treat and privilege to be able to try this.

My Thoughts

For me, the 50 year old pipped it to the post, then the Jura and Fettercairn (just wish there was a little more strength to it.)

Many thanks to Steve and Whyte & Mackay for the opportunity to try these whiskies.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
“May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white”

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