Inside the Bottle: The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter: Inside the Bottle

I’m sat lost in thought, thinking about what touches my heart… I have a smile on my lips, and this feeling that I have, it is one that radiates through my soul. I want to stay in this feeling forever. It’s taking me away from the here and now…

You might have seen my “iheartwhisky” top that I wear, on the left arm at the wrist there is a heart. It wasn’t till I actually received the top from the printers that I really realised the significance…I wear my heart on my sleeve. Now some might disagree with the notion of doing that, but it is who I am. I guard my words too, some are precious. I know there are times when I can truly express myself, and when I do, I speak from the heart…thought it can be difficult to get those words to pass my lips sometimes, the action of doing so can fill my heart with joy (or scare me stiff – depending on what needs to be said.) I can be a little apprehensive, but then I take a breath and just say it… or write it, perhaps even express it…

I have touched on this before, the fact that not all things evoke this feeling. Then I have the things that just touch my heart, and they actually make me place my hand on my chest almost as if I am making sure that whatever I have experienced is kept there… safe from harm, a precious and priceless memory to feel when I need it. I have just felt one of these memories now and subconsciously my left hand placed itself over my heart.

That makes me smile, it takes me back, to there, to wherever, whatever did I say? What part of the journey was I on…all I know is the “map” in my head and my heart track the footsteps.

Someone posed the question the other day of “can you remember what whisky started you on your journey?” I can. I also prefer to keep that to myself… I know what it was and what changed in me in that one moment. It just envelops me. It captured my heart. In the moments that it is in my thoughts…I’m there with it in my hand, I’m there enjoying the colour, the aroma, the strength, the legs…and the taste of it. I did write some notes on it. I looked at those notes earlier, my feeling’s remain true as my palate can just pick out those tastes that the words conjure up. I like reading other’s notes like that also, the ones that just have you wishing it was in your hand. They can set a scene that you can fall into. There are other life events that leave me feeling like that too.

The power that written words have, can be incredible, the spoken word too.

Those words don’t need to be clever or leave you reaching for a dictionary in order to fathom what the person is trying to express*. In a world of grey, a world of twists and turns and deception, black and white should prevail, honesty should rule, simplicity can be beautiful. Say and express what you mean, and as long as those words in whatever form are the truth, and easy to understand, that is the key.

In the past I have also mentioned that my words have fallen on deaf ears, noting that this blog really is my place to express myself in the hope that they resonate with others in some way. Maybe?

Some should be careful with their words too, some can cause such pain with words that the scars might in fact never heal. Well they haven’t yet…

What I know is true is that the heart (and head to some degree) rules the way. Be it felt, written, spoken…whatever, in my life,  it is true. I only hope I am understood.

In terms of whisky, what is it about it? Is it the lightest shade of gold or the deepest mahogany? Is it the lightest scent of caramel and popcorn aromas to the rich sherry notes that offers Christmas spices and delciously rich stewed fruits, cherries & mocha?


It could be the woody notes of sandalwood and leather, maybe woody spice draws you in, or the scent of a bonfire and the gentleness of a softly peated whisky to chill you on a cold night or something a little fuller, more robust? Maybe it’s something softer, more gentle or the delights of a cask strength that fills your heart with passion?

This is how whisky makes me feel:

There is some fig too… and black cherry. There’s a hint of soft brown sugar. A lovely scent of wood. A lovely sweetness is drawing me in. Coffee and leather make an appearance too.

…deliciously warming palate. Vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon…and a little leathery note. Pepper heat is spicy. Almost a burnt sugar note with delicious woody notes. And I love it. I really do.

A lovely nose with a little acetone and this is in no way a bad thing. There’s caramel and sticky toffee. I get the cloves which reminds me of having a poorly tooth as a child. There’s a little wood too. The palate is smooth but big! Vanilla and mocha it’s both sweet and full and reassuringly good. I like this…I’m just having another sip and I’m smiling.

My expressions, both for the whisky I enjoy (and what I love in life, what makes me tick / smile / giggle) might not always be evident, but to those that take the time to look inside the bottle, they might understand. At the end of the day that’s all that matters…


PS I was having a giggle at the featured image as I was looking for some “free art”… I think the butt part is accurate!!


PPS I need a hug

* This can do my flipping head in!! (personal experience.)

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