World Whisky Day: Celebrate with Indian Single Malt Whisky

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World Whisky Day: Celebrate with Indian Single Malt Whisky 

World Whisky Day, 16th May 2020, is the perfect excuse to try Indian Single Malt Whisky. The excellent single malt whiskies produced by Rampur Distillery, which is one of Indian’s largest and oldest distilleries, situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, would be a great place to start.

The unique distilling location of the Himalayan foothills exposes the whiskies to polar opposite climate conditions throughout the year, with the flavour of the famous Indian Summer giving Rampur Whiskies an added dimension and depth. Indian whisky matures significantly more quickly than other whiskies, such as Scotch and Irish Whisky.

RampurBottlewithGlass copy

Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky

Styled as “The Kohinoor of Single Malts” this super premium malt whisky is distilled in traditional copper pot stills, matured at the distillery and then non chill-filtered and bottled at 43%.

Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky is smooth, with a mellow taste with a long-lasting finish. It is distinctively malty, with creamy vanilla taste with hints of apricot, apple and sweet and wine-like finish.

Rampur Double Cask with pouch copy

Rampur Indian Double Cask Indian Single Malt Whisky 

Rampur Double Cask Single Malt is a hand-crafted single malt whisky matured in hand-selected American Bourbon barrels as well as European Oak Sherry casks chosen by Master Distiller, Anup Barik.

Distilled in traditional copper pot stills, the malt matures for two-thirds of its life in handpicked American Bourbon Barrels and a third in European Oak Sherry Casks at India’s largest distillery and is then non-chill-filtered and bottled at 45%. The combination of Rampur’s unique distilling and the double cask maturation process, sees this luxury Single Malt taking traditional Indian heritage and rooting it in contemporary culture.

Delicate balsamic vanilla notes from the American white oak compliment the full-bodied aroma of tropical fruits, smooth malty tones and oaky notes whilst rich caramel, dried dark fruits and spiced tonality from the European oak add to the depth of flavour.

RRP: £60 for a 70cl bottle ABV:  45%

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