Inside the Bottle: Keep Your Face Towards the Sun…

I always (always) wake up early.

So, once I have done what I need to do, I drive to see if I can catch the sunrise. There’s something very serene about a sunrise, the sun just below the horizon teasing you, clouds reflecting the rays, drawing you in… saying that, sometimes I feel lonely, then I begin to wish that I had someone there with me, appreciating the beauty and sharing the moment.

As the sun rises, a new day of possibilities lies ahead.

That’s what life is about, shared moments, yes, even sunrises!! The simple things some don’t even acknowledge…

I was sat watching one the other morning, the horizon a palate of soft colours, from greys and beige to dusky pink, lilac and the softest yellow shades… so pretty.

That moment…

It’s a good time of day to just be… Allowing my thoughts to go to the things that do actually matter. To the things that I love.

A few weeks back I poured a little something that I have had for a while now…I thought it was high time that I gave it my attention.

The anticipation of what I was about to enjoy was such a tease, would it delight my senses? I was sure it would.

I let it sit a while, letting the delicious aromas that were coming from the glass reach my senses. When I nosed this I was taken in by the scent of rich fruit, think Christmas cake…begging me to nibble.

Gazing at the legs…

What followed was treacle, then dark sugar and berries. A sprinkling of nuts… the aroma is really drawing me in, pulling me close. Oh god that feeling… there’s a little dark sweet cherries in there too. A little ginger and orange and raisin. Just delicious…

That first sip, mmmm, as I swirl this round my palate it’s warming. The rich dark fruit is delicious, it is joined by dark caramel. Rich spices, and cherry. There’s a lovely chewiness… and that treacle again. Hints of ginger. It’s making my cheeks flush pink, there’s only a couple of things that make them do that. A good cask strength whisky is one of them…bliss!!

Honestly, there is nothing better than just switching off from life, pouring a whisky and allowing yourself time to just be. To allow yourself a moment to daydream, to wish, to escape…while a smile plays across your lips. I love that.

The finish was deliciously long, and lingering. The fruit and spices remain, with a feint hint of chocolate… it’s so wonderful to be left with such a pleasant taste on my palate.

If only everything else did the same eh?

Smiles in a glass
Smiles in a Bottle

I get woody notes in whisky, I love that too, and so I say it, write it, and talk about it. Most people do. Whether it’s on the nose, or the palate. It intrigues me… and yes I get a warmth as I swallow. I don’t drink ice cold whisky. I “speak” on social media the same as I do if life. My friends know this. There are plenty of people who do enjoy reading my thoughts…

So. Get over it!!

Yeah, I know…

Believe me there is no need for me to justify myself, none whatsoever. I’m just trying to figure out why I’m receiving comments suggesting descriptions I’ve written are “smut”…?

The other associated “comments” are not on, nor are they necessary.

Shouldn’t we show kindness?

All I’ll say is this, be kind. If I don’t answer a question, it’s because I don’t care to, or it’s something I’d rather keep to myself.

As I face the sun, the shadows do fall behind me…perfect!!

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