Mackmyra – Björksav (Birch Sap)

Björksav (Birch Sap) – Mackmyra Distillery

A couple of weeks ago I had an unexpected package arrive, this was a little sample from the lovely folks at Mackmyra. Inside the package was a sample of Björksav (Birch Sap) which is a single malt Swedish Whisky.

The Story of Björksav

“In this year’s spring edition, Mackmyra has once again collaborated with the Swedish artisan winery Grythyttan Vin. Grythyttan Björk is made from local birch sap that is tapped just before the birch ‘cracks’ in the spring. Like Mackmyra, Grythyttan use exceptional crafting skills, show consideration and respect for nature and only use natural ingredients.

The fresh, delicately sweet, Björk (Birch Sap) wine has resulted in a uniquely crafted Swedish whisky that is ready to join the world of whisky.”


My Review

Bottled at 46.1% this whisky was in casks that were seasoned with Swedish birch sap wine.


A lovely fresh and fruity nose, juicy and delicious apple, maybe a nice pear. Delicate spice too and a wisp of ginger. It’s floral and it’s sweet and yes, it is most certainly one to herald in Spring, with its sweet vanilla goodness. There’s an almost berry like sweetness too. Still nosing it, that freshness is refreshing, its definitely fragrant.

There’s a lovely cherry-ish/fruity like hint (reminding me of Fruitella sweets.) on the palate, hints of ginger spices bring the warmth of the spring sunshine. Honey and vanilla sweetness again, with a little lemony bitterness. A smidgeon of pepper and a little woody spice. Smooth.. Lovely.

The finish is warming, pleasant and the woody spices linger.

Many thanks to those lovely folks at Mackmyra for this sample and the opportunity to try this.

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