The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve

I think that there are those that love some of the Glenlivet offerings, and some that loathe.

However, I’ve had the opportunity of sampling a few over the years. I really quite liked the Nadurra Oloroso, so when asked if I’d like to sample (and I wasn’t expecting a full bottle) of the Caribbean Reserve, I said “yes, please”.

On the nose, banana-ish scents along with vanilla. Brown sugar and a drizzle of honey come into the mix too. I’m not a fan of pears but I sense a little lurking in the background…

I’m sorry to say, but this needs the edges smoothing off… it’s a bit rough (alcohol burn) on the palate.

Oaky (tannins) and therefore a little drying. I’m getting some fruit there, reminds me of a dried tropical fruit mix I had in my younger years… but I’m waiting for more….namely some sweetness.

The finish is a tad flat… but there is a smoothness to it.

The nose was drawing me in, the palate was not for me. Maybe it doesn’t suit my palate. It might suit yours?

It’s £32.49 on MoM. Master of Malt

Many thanks to ANM for this sample.

The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve

Pour and Sip Club: Women in Whisky

I was sent this lovely set from Master of Malt’s Pour and Sip Club to review for International Women’s Day. Although that was on the 8 March this year, I have now had a chance to sit and enjoy them…after all it’s women’s day every day, no?

If you haven’t seen these lovely sets before, then I can say, if you get the chance to buy one and explore the contents, you won’t be disappointed.

Inside the pack, there are five 3cl samples, and two Glencairn glasses safely tucked away below them. So, whether you are a whisky drinker of old, or someone new, there is bound to be something to pique your interest. It’s a lovely set to perhaps start someone’s journey, and we all started somewhere didn’t we?

This particular set celebrates the women in the whisky industry…

The samples in this set are:

Compass Box – Juveniles Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 46%

Roe & Co. – Blended Irish Whiskey 45%

Deanston 18 year old – Single Malt Scotch Whisky 46.3%

Scallywag – Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 46%

Bulleit – Frontier Whiskey 10 year old 45.6%

Compass Box – Juveniles Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 46%

Pleasantly sweet with honey and vanilla on the nose, it is delightfully fresh and inviting. The palate delivers on the vanilla front, with a lovely apple kick, not necessarily sweet, a little tart if I’m honest. There’s a slight pepperiness too. This blend is marriage of whisky from Strathmill, Balmenach, Clynelish and Glendullan from refill hogsheads, re-charred hogsheads and both first-fill and refill sherry butts.

Roe & Co. – Blended Irish Whiskey 45%

A soft delicate nose, loads of honey bringing a lovely sweetness. A hint of oak too… There’s a hint of pepper, mingling with vanilla. A kick of heat on the palate, wakes the senses a little. And the woody spice is there on the palate. This sits well with the vanilla.

Quite a short finish on this for me.

Deanston 18 year old – Single Malt Scotch Whisky 46.3%

Lovely delicious scent of a warm Danish pastries, lovely juicy fruit scents. A little hint of buttery notes, with vanilla. A lovely smooth palate, a little waxy, there’s bitter orange/ citrusy-ness and some ginger heat that then wakes your senses. A warming finish with oak spiciness.

Scallywag – Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 46%

Soft scents of caramel and vanilla on the nose, it gives an almost creamy hint. Cinnamon? Maybe a little ginger… the palate is warming with ginger, and it’s a little drying on the palate. The vanilla is there along with bitter dark chocolate.

A nice subtle finish.

Bulleit – Frontier Whiskey 10 year old 45.6%

Loads of dried fruit on the nose and a little orange. Hints of wood too. The palate is rich with vanilla and the dried fruit again, there’s a lovely spice too, its got the faintest hint of cherry. The finish is sweet.

These whiskies have made mention of the following women within the whisky industry, namely Jill Boyd who joined Compass Box in 2018. Roe & Co. who have an all-female team with Lora Hemy as head distiller and Caroline Martin, master blender.

Deanston have Julieann Fernandez as their master blender. Cara Laing, the director of whisky at Douglas Laing, is grand-daughter of Fred. Finally Eboni Major from Bulleit, who joined Diageo in 2015.

Many thanks to Master of Malt and the Pour and Sip Club for the opportunity to try these.