What am I pondering about? Well basically it’s being a lone woman at festivals and why men feel it acceptable to ask questions such as “what’s a gorgeous woman doing here alone?” Or following me around…

Now I’m quite sure that my male counterparts don’t get the same. So why make us feel uneasy?

I go alone because if I cock up on a comment or my thoughts, then it’s just me and whoever served me and I can just laugh it off. Plus I find myself speaking to more people when I’m by myself. I like that…sometimes. 

But I have friends there that I can catch up with too. It’s great to have that much needed connection and interaction and time to say “hello!” face to face and actually see how they’re doing.

So do me a favour, please, say hello, engage in conversation but don’t try and tell me I’m “lovely, gorgeous, or things like that” treat me like anyone else there. A whisky enthusiast that wants to see what’s out there. Sample and try new things and chat.

Women like whisky too and believe me some of the #whiskyfabric (now I’ll agree I’ve not always been a fan or this hashtag, but I’ve been thinking about it and it does have merit) women are highly regarded and hugely knowledgeable and bravo I say! Hopefully more will come to the fore and help other women stand up and be outstanding in their love and appreciation of the water of life!