Bimber Distillery Tweet Tasting

Bimber Distillery Tweet Tasting

I opened the parcel from Bimber Distillery and my first thought was wow! What an absolutely lovely package…!!

The distillery is located in London, from their website Bimber Distillery

The Story

The seeds were sown for Bimber three generations ago in communist-era Poland, where Darius, our founder and master distiller’s grandfather, distilled his own spirits, known as moonshine. This craft was carefully perfected and passed through the generations to Darius who learnt the art of distillation from a very young age.

This rich distilling heritage has shaped and influenced our approach to spirit making. We are proud of our past and pay tribute to it with our name Bimber, which means moonshine in Polish.

The founders of Bimber, Darius and Ewelina, emigrated from Poland to London in 2003 and created a successful business in West London. However, Darius’s passion for whisky and distilling were always at the forefront of his mind, and when the opportunity arose to establish a whisky distillery in 2015, he knew he had to go for it.

Bimber’s first casks were laid on the 26th May 2016, and we have been patiently awaiting our first whisky since. In September 2019, the next chapter of our exciting story begins. We are launching one of the first single-malt whiskies to be produced in London for over a century. Bimber London Single Malt is going to be a new style of highly drinkable whisky, light, accessible, fruity and handcrafted with passion.

Having now tried this, their passion is very evident…


The Bimber Distillery Whiskies

The line up for the evening was as follows:

New Make – 60% vol

Ex-Bourbon Cask, 3 years old – 51.2% vol

Ex-Sherry Cask, 3 years old – 51.9% vol

Recharred Cask, 3 years old – 51.9% vol

Virgin Oak, 3 years old – 53.1% vol

New Make Peated – 60% vol

The Tasting

New Make – 60% vol

The nose is fresh, light.. fruity, creamy and sweet. I have to add I love trying new make spirit! woah! quite a mouthful… fruity with a lovely warmth to it. It’s creamy with a little hint of pastry.

Ex-Bourbon Cask, 3 years old – 51.2% vol

This had a sweet and inviting nose, delicate hints of vanilla… a drizzle of caramel, it’s a little fruity.

The palate, ooh… a little hint of stewed apple initially and a sprinkle of cinnamon, spice and a little wood on the palate too.

Ex-Sherry Cask, 3 years old – 51.9% vol

Hmm… hello! A lovely richness on the nose, just starting to draw you in, anyone for a slice of rich moist fruitcake? A little chocolate, and lovely spices. A smidge of burnt sugar. It’s hard to believe this is 3 years old. What will it end up like?

The palate is lovely, there is a nice woody spice. Dark sugar and a bit of leather. Definitely tasting the fruit cake that the nose hinted at… yum!

Recharred Cask, 3 years old – 51.9% vol

Oh this is fruity and sweet, but not an artificial sweetness, creamy vanilla and a little spice. loving the strength of these samples… in case I forgot to say and the palate delivers spice and fruit. A lovely warmth to this with woody flavours on the palate.

To digress a moment…my comments on the spicy or woody flavours / aromas probably come from working in a perfumery department for a couple of years. For example Chanel Antaeus “A powerful yet subtle leather-aromatic fragrance. The striking alchemy of fresh, aromatic lavender and a rare and complex leather accord, heightened with wood and spices. Its spirited, exotic trail is enriched with notes of Cistus Labdanum, Clary Sage and Indonesian Patchouli.” 

Virgin Oak, 3 years old – 53.1% vol

Spice and vanilla and woody notes. Not sure if it’s chocolate too, little hints of it… On the palate, lovely oak flavours. Warming spice, some sweetness to it.. a little caramel too!

New Make Peated – 60% vol

The nose delivers a little smokiness… the sort of scent on your cardi after sitting by bonfire. It’s still light and has a graceful floral sweetness to it. It is a little drying on the palate, a hint of pepper, quite viscous. Peat isn’t overpowering…

If you would like to try these, they have the sets available for £38 from Bimber Distillery

 Bimber Distillery Sample Gift Set

This was a really interesting tasting, from the standpoint of trying both the new make and the maturing whiskies at 3 years old. Huge thanks to Steve and Bimber Distillery for this opportunity. I know where I want to visit now…



Fettercairn Distillery Visit

Fettercairn Distillery

So many people have a tendency to knock Prime Ministers, however we have to be grateful to William Gladstone who in 1829 abolished taxes on malt and the Angel’s share and who also introduced the sales of whisky in glass bottles for the first time, though I think there are some of us who would love to be able to buy it by the cask too…!!

The distillery has been in operation since 1824 when landowner Sir Alexander Ramsay first applied for a licence, using illegal whisky makers who had the knowledge and skills he needed to produce whisky.

The distillery is in the village of Fettercairn Aberdeenshire. A lovely setting, especially when the sun makes an appearance.

The Tour

Claire took the group for the tour of the distillery which is currently in its silent season. There was a couple who were on their first ever distillery tour and what a lovely one to start with! As well as learning about the history of the distillery I was looking forward to seeing the still with the cooling ring, this allows the the increases condensation as the copper cools and this results with only the lighter vapours rising which gives Fettercairn whisky its unique character. We were told that a miniature version of this has been made. Very cool!

The distilleries logo includes the Scotland’s national animal, which is the unicorn and the copper around the outside represents the copper cooling ring.


The tour finishes in the warehouse and as always it is a treat to be there, the aromas of the maturing whisky teasing your senses…


If you ever find yourself in the area then I would definitely encourage you to make a detour and visit them. I am glad I took a trip down especially after sampling their whiskies last year on a tasting with The Whisky Wire: Fettercairn Distillery

The GlenAllachie Twitter Tasting

The GlenAllachie Tweet Tasting

GlenAllachie Distillery sits near Ben Rinnes (Banffshire – a lovely walk too, even with snow on the tops), the distillery itself recently opened to visitors for the first time in its 50 year history. I would say that if you are in the area, then a visit is well worth your time The Glenallachie Distillery

The Tasting

The line up for the evening was an introduction to the following releases:

Koval Rye Quarter Cask Wood Finish – 8 years old – 48% abv

Port Wood Finish – 10 years old – 48% abv

Pedro Ximénez Wood Finish – 12 years old – 48% abv

2006 Port Pipe – Single Cask, 10th Anniversary (selected for – 59.9% abv

Koval Rye Quarter Cask Wood Finish

This was initially aged in American oak casks, then finished in Koval Rye casks.

There is a lot of sweetness on the nose, apples, pears and spices, and a hint of wood. The palate is sweet, but slightly saccharine, this is accompanied with vanilla and spices.

Port Wood Finish

Again, this was aged in oak barrels before being finished in Port pipes for its final maturation.

The nose is lightly sweet, slight hint of nail varnish at the start… a little chocolate and red berries. Maybe a touch of vanilla? but there are red fruits again… spicy and a bit woody on the palate.

Pedro Ximénez Wood Finish

An aroma of nuts and a little fruitcake, slight mustiness. Getting a little coffee and chocolate. On the palate, not the big mouthful I’m normally used to… a little cherry, still getting a nuttiness with fruit too. A little chocolate. Slightly thin.

2006 Port Pipe – Single Cask, 10th Anniversary

There was freshness on the nose. Slight nutty influence again. Slightly citrus, spicy. Red fruits. The palate delivered cherry and woody notes. Plenty of spice, vanilla? Drying on the palate…

Final Thoughts

I think the 2006 Port Pipe pipped the others to the post, saying that the PX was pleasant too, I just think it lacked a bit of body, I do like a nice mouth full.

Thanks to Steve and the team at The GlenAllachie for the opportunity to try these.

GlenAllachie – An Introduction



JJ Corry Whiskey: Blind Tasting

J.J. Corry Tweet Tasting

Wednesday 17th April saw an eager group of whisk(e)y drinkers join together for an evening of exploration and some guess work while we tried some samples from JJ Corry Whiskey – Chapel Gate Whiskey

This was going to be a blind tasting, the bottles simply marked one, two and three.

I had actually had my first try of the Gael in February 2018 and really was taken in by it. So this was going to be a fantastic tasting…

So first up was number one.

Now firstly, this was the one that going back to a second time seems young on the nose, little spice and very light wisps of vanilla. Spirity. The palate was fruity and a nice hint of vanilla and pepper, a little drying on the palate. Slightly waxy.

The second, quite floral and fruity. Sweet and sugary. A little spice just coming through. Juicy. On the palate it was lovely and fruity at the start. And a little spicy warmth on the tongue, a little wood too…

Last up was the third dram, hmm there’s a freshness to it, a bit of apple and some nice spice with a little vanilla.. quite a smooth mouthfeel but pleasantly rounded. Maybe a hint of biscuit or something. Not overly sweet but maybe just a little sugar.

The Reveal

No.1: JJ Corry Almost 3 Year Old Grain – 61.5% abv – Cask Sample. Matured in an Old Forester bourbon barrel.

No. 2: The Gael – 46% abv – Blended Irish Whiskey. Matured in a combination of sherry and first/second fill bourbon casks containing 11, 15, 25 year old malts and 7 year old grain.

No. 3: Flintlock – 46% abv – 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey. Matured in first and second fill ex-bourbon barrels.

Many thanks to Steve and JJ Corry Whiskey for this opportunity.


Fettercairn Distillery

Fettercairn Distillery

Tweet Tasting

On Monday 3rd December we all met up for a little treat by way of a whisky tasting… we were about to sample some whiskies from the Fettercairn distillery.

These were as follows:

Fettercairn 12 Year Old – 40%

Fettercairn 28 Year Old – 42%

Fettercairn 40 Year Old – 48.9%

Fettercairn 50 Year Old – 47.9%

First to try was the 12 year old, this was aged in American white oak ex-bourbon casks. On the nose, a lot of sweet notes, butter and honey, cinnamon, hot chocolate powder before milk is added. Really quite fragrant. And the palate? This was sweet with a twist of orange. A sip of black tea. Slightly drying.

We then moved on to the 28 year old, again, this was aged in American white oak ex-bourbon casks. The nose was milk chocolate, apples, spices. The palate was warming spices, slight nip of heat. Caramel and slightly waxy feel.

Then we eased our way into the 40 year old… this was distilled on the 23rd December 1977 so I was just turning 7 years old… aged in American oak ex-bourbon casks, this was finished in Apostoles Sherry Cask.

On the nose this was a large slice of fruit cake, sticky fruits. Dark sugar. Worn leather notes coming through too. Not overly sweet. Quite enjoying nosing this… it’s taste was quite a mouthful eh?

A touch of wood and a bit of tobacco… getting that strong black tea flavour again. Black cherry? Slightly drying.

To finish the evening we moved onto the 50 year old. This was distilled on the 11th June 1966, cannot for the life of me think why 1966 is so significant? This was finished in a Tawny Port Pipe cask. This bottle is just shy of £10,000.00, so I really hope that no one spilled their sample!! The nose was maraschino cherries, dark sugar, an old study with a comfy leather chair… sweet bitter dark chocolate and honestly, I added “I’m so grateful for the opportunity to sit with this… thank you!” as this was like an early birthday treat for me”.

On the palate, black cherry again, maybe some blackberry jam… a little liquorice. Warming spices on the back of the tongue and a lovely warmth as you swallow.

I think I am a little torn between the 40 and 50 year old whiskies and I will say that though I am unable to afford these, that they probably sat within the flavour profiles that I enjoy in a whisky. Those drams I can pour and let open as the aromas start to tease me…

Huge thanks to Fettercairn distillery, Steve and Daryl Haldane for this opportunity…