Claxton’s 2018 Winter Releases

Claxton’s Tweet Tasting

Wednesday 14th November saw a group of lucky tweeters sit down to sample the Winter 2018 releases from independent bottlers Claxton’s.

From their website:

“The Claxton’s family has been passionate about independently bottled single cask whisky for decades and finally began releasing their casks in 2015. Within just a few short years the Claxton’s collection of single malt and single grain whiskies has gained global recognition and loyal following for its unwavering quality and intriguing individuality.” 

I guess some of the Claxton’s releases have become a part of my whisky journey… from a bottle of the 2008 Ledaig won in 2016… (lucky me) to receiving an absolutely memorable sample of the Glenrothes 19 year old 1997 when I was in York. Add in some Glen Keith, Auchentoshan and perhaps another bottle of the Glenrothes and you might say that I have been more than impressed with the releases I’ve been fortunate to have tried over the past two years, the Ledaig actually got me back to enjoying this as a whisky!!

Anyway, best get back on track. The whiskies we were going to try are as follows:

Teaninich 19 Years Old (1999) Matured in a Bourbon Hogshead – 53% ABV

Springbank 22 Years Old (1996) Matured in a Bourbon Hogshead – 55% ABV

Bruichladdich 16 Years Old (2002) Matured in a Sherry Puncheon – 61.2% ABV

Dumbarton 32 Years Old (1986) Matured in a Bourbon Barrel – 57.1% ABV

Ledaig 10 Years Old (2008)  Matured in a Refill Hogshead – 54.3% ABV

Teaninich (te-ne-nick – thanks Aqvavitae) was up first, a nice richness on the nose. Spices prickling at my senses. Sweet with a lovely freshness. A little malty hint. Really fragrant. The palate? A Lovely warming mouthfeel. Rich caramel, bitter chocolate, hints of vanilla, fruity, maybe a hint of orange nicey, want to buyey…

Springbank Very fresh nose initially, a bit of nutmeg, almost a warm / worn leathery note. Caramel. Moving on to the palate, sweetness greets your tastes buds, followed by warming spice, kind of a burnt sugar sort of taste. Slightly oily mouthfeel. Again some woody flavours on the palate.

Bruichladdich On the nose, rich fruit, initially a slight menthol note. A wisp of vanilla, and when I sip? There is lovely fruit and a bit of dark chocolate, the remains of a mocha perhaps.

Dumbarton I was looking forward to this grain, it gave hints of caramel, vanilla and a slight nutty note. Lovely brown sugar, buttery note too. Lost in the nose… and on the palate? Hmm lovely and smooth. Caramel and a bit of treacle toffee… buttery nuts (it that’s a thing) a lovely gentle kiss of spice…

Last dram of the evening was the Ledaig my senses were greeted by the gentle medicinal notes of Savlon cream, the smell of a camp fire on your clothes, sweet smoke at that. Very fresh, and then its taste….a lovely warmth, hints of smoke, the sweetness from the nose remains on the palate.

So, what did I think? This was superb tasting… I loved the Dumbarton, then probably the Bruichladdich and Springbank, Teaninich and the Ledaig.

Huge amount of thanks to Steve, Hugo, Tom, Adrian and everyone else for a lovely and delicious evening…

I will add, if you try a sample from Claxton’s don’t wait too long to make your purchase(s) as you might find yourself missing out!!